Looks like reality is indeed keeping up with the Kardashians….. and our friendly Yeezus – Kanye West.

If one is to believe a certain weekly goss mag in Australia (Woman’s Day), it turns out that reality royals, Kim and Kanye can’t slip between the sheets each night because of snoring issues….. just like us MERE MORTALS.

One can but hope it’s true. Are they just like me??????

kim and kanye sleep

(PS…. Scott Disick and Kourtney apparently sleep separately too….. see all the cool kids do it!)

What price sleep?

I have always been clear that the main reason I sleep separately from my husband (and he from me) is that I simply CANNOT function when I don’t have enough sleep (nor he).

over tired


I have a fuzzy head.

I am unproductive.

I’m not pleasant company.


This fact alone has always been the singular driving force behind decisions I make about where and for how long I sleep. However, as I researched when writing my book, and  subsequently continued to read widely about sleep – I can say that I feel grateful (and just a smidgen smug) about the sleep-related decisions I have made over the years.

I feel especially grateful for the decision to prioritise sleep by choosing a separate bedroom rather than compromise my sleep by sleeping with my husband. And the reason for the gratefulness is that the health risks I may just be avoiding.

MUCH is written about the health consequences of sleep deprivation. This deprivation can be caused by many reasons – insomnia, illness, depression, life consequences, tending to young children.

Sleep deprivation can also come from sharing your bed with a partner who consistently disturbs and disrupts your sleep.

Two recent articles are worthy of note. While neither specifically talk about sleep disturbance by a partner, they both speak of recent research into the long-term effects of sleep deprivation.

It doesn’t matter how the deprivation occurs folks. If you are kept awake by a snoring or restless or environmentally disparate partner – you WILL suffer sleep deprivation.

After perusing these articles, I have a question for you.

not sleeping making brain smallerfragmented sleep banner

My question is ‘what is the real cost to your health if you are not having a good night’s sleep?’

PS  ‘Is it worth it?’


Ahhh…. the romance of sharing

I gave a recent story in The Atlantic only a cursory glance on publication as I was caught in the throes of busy work period. A few friends alerted me to the story, but I only re-read it this morning when another story linked to it and extrapolated on the key theme.

And it’s one of my favourites……


The message is subtle, but leaves readers with the clear message that the couple who snuggle and compromise through each night have a closer, more intimate relationship.

Joe Methven, the author of The Atlantic article, references scientists and relationship experts to support his theory that while he had a great night’s sleep on the couch by himself and felt better, it’s still better for his relationship to put up with the disturbances of a snoring, pregnant wife and child that kicks him because it means they are closer.

While Methven’s article presents a view that I find slightly biased (and I’m sure people may  similarly accuse me) it was the next article, discussing Methven’s, that irked me and pushed my inner cynic button.cynic button Continue reading

Forgot why sleep is so important?

Maybe it’s because you’re not getting enough.

A group of those scientists we love (because they spend their days working out answers to the big questions of life) have worked out how sleep causes memories to form.

It’s explained in this article called ‘Scientists have finally worked out how sleep causes memories to form’

memory forming

The bit to note particularly dear readers is:deep sleep quote

To summarise and extrapolate for you (in case you don’t have time to read the article)……..

  • Your memories form best when you are in deep sleep.
  • If you do not get enough deep sleep each night, you might find your memory is not as good as it could be.
  • If you are sharing a bed with someone who consistently wakes you during the night, you are probably not getting ENOUGH deep sleep.
  • You may need to do something about getting enough deep sleep, before you forget…. all the things you want to remember.


Don’t FORGET how important sleep is. Value it. Treasure it. Prioritise it.

Most importantly….. GET IT !!!

(And don’t forget what I’ve told you today.)


Iconic sleep…

How do you capture ‘sleep’ in an icon?

I have often searched for icons to visually enhance my words around sleep. In fact, our use of ‘icons’ has become a common feature of many discourses. Many of us seek to clarify our words in text messages or emails with emot’icons’ – to prevent the subtleties of language being lost in translation.

I came across a great site that seeks to help us all find the right icon for the right moment.

And they have an array of icons for sleep.

Never again will I need to wonder where my next enhancing icon will come from.

Thank you The Noun Project.

Click below if you are keen to go straight to the sleeping icons.

the noun project sleeping

All that is left to say is….




How close is close?

So it would seem that to have a REALLY happy relationship, you’ve got to sleep no further than one inch apart from your partner.

If only someone had told me that ten years ago, I wouldn’t have embarked on this folly of a relationship and marriage. All those years I’ve wasted not having a REALLY happy relationship because I sleep in a separate room to my husband, which is quite a few more inches than one, away from his.

And the quizzical thing to me, is that I thought my relationship was REALLY happy. It seems REALLY happy – we love each other deeply, enjoy spending time with each other (and sometimes we enjoy spending time alone), we laugh and cry together, we argue and make up, we love going on holidays with each other, we both laugh at how stubborn the other can be, we make each other gin and tonics in summer, we make goals for our life (and sometimes reach them), and recently we managed to paint the inside of our extension together and build Ikea furniture.

But we can’t sleep one inch apart from each other.

Are we doomed? And why am I talking about this? (more…)

Separate sleeping rocks…..

And if you don’t believe me, just check out the comments section in response to an article about separate sleeping on – an American daily, online magazine.

I have highlighted the response to the article as it’s one of the highest response rates I’ve seen for an article about separate sleeping (and there are quite a few folks.)

What warms the ‘cockles of my well-rested heart’ the most, is the overwhelming positive response to the article. And not only in the “you go girl” vein, but REALLY sensible responses to why whether you and your partner sleep separately should be anyone else’s business.

Even though I commented once, I want to join in again I posted a comment early after its publication and I am drawn to offer my enthusiastic support a second time. I don’t think that’s good commenting etiquette though so I’m exercising restraint.

The flip side of the positive commenters is the number of separate sleeping ‘poo-poo-ers’ that are having their ‘couples must sleep in the same bed’ opinions politely challenged. (Separate sleepers are such a well-mannered and erudite bunch!)

After 24 hours, the article is still drawing responses and I can’t help but coming back to the page to check out the latest threads.

You GO, you separate sleepers and keep the world on notice that our relationships are just as valid, vital and FANTASTIC as all those co-sleepers.

Time for a high five me thinks!


How gorgeous is this?

Until I saw this cartoon, I hadn’t really thought about it. But….. how do you write or spell what a snore sounds like?

I can’t come up with my own spelling, but here’s how to snore in seven languages.

(Maybe your partner is foreign-language snoring??)

A space to call your own…

“I need my space!”

Such is the lament of an embattled soul trying to articulate a basic, but most common need every human harbors and longs for at some point (or many points).

When we sign up for an intimate relationship, the issue of each person’s space can become quite complex. Physical and emotional space is a basic human need. And often, it’s not something that’s openly spoken about when a relationship begins – mainly because you’re generally not seeking alone time then.

The need for space is also so very personal. Think about your friends who hibernate for weeks and never answer their phones and then there are the friends who break into a sweat at the mention of being alone. We all have them both, and many on the spectrum in between.

And where are you on the spectrum? How often do you seek and claim SPACE? Do you know what SPACE looks like for you? Does your partner?

My eye was caught this week by an article on the Daily Mail website in the UK. We are all familiar with the ‘man cave’ concept. Well this story was about women who have made their own ‘women caves’ – and the article did bring a smile to my face. Women who were bold enough to obviously articulate, then actually follow through on designing and claiming some space for themselves.

Continue reading

My sleep-inspired girl crush…..

Oh Ariana Huffington – you had me at ‘get more sleep’.

Not only is she an author and syndicated columnist, founder of the ubiquitous Huffington Post, she has been named one of Forbes most influential women, ran for Governor of California and….


I like to think Arianna would be completely supportive of those who chose to ensure they slept well by sleeping separately. I would love to ask her if she dabbles in the practice when necessary.

Here are some link to Arianna’s sleep thoughts.



And here’s Arianna spreading the good news on Ellen.