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You’re kidding me….

As if the popular/celebrity media doesn't use the 'separate bed' scenario enough to indicate trouble in a relationship, now it's the sports media. Case in point - over the last week there have been multiple articles questioning if Jessica Simpson and new husband Eric Johnson are already 'sleeping … [Read More...]

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Click and Learn

Healthline, based in San Fran, USA has developed a GREAT click and learn, interactive chart about the effects of sleep deprivation. YAY!! Such a quick and easy way to either learn, or remind yourself, about why it is JUST.      SO.      IMPORTANT. TO.     HAVE.      ENOUGH.     SLEEP. (Q:  … [Read More...]


Social orienteering……..

Orienteering is the 'crossing of unknown land with the aid of a map and a compass'. I wonder how popular the actual sport of orienteering is these days? My only knowledge of it comes from my time as a high school teacher, watching students stress at not finding their way during the exam and finding … [Read More...]

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The million dollar question…

Why do we sleep? It's actually a tough question that 'science' has yet to provide a definitive answer for.  An article in the Huffington Post is claiming to have the answers. And based on the reasonable comprehensive research I undertook when writing 'Sleeping Apart not Falling Apart', the … [Read More...]